The Vikings of Järfälla Crowned Champions of EPL 2024

July 10, 2024

In a thrilling conclusion to the Euro Padel League 2024 inaugural season, the Vikings of Järfälla have emerged as champions. The final, held at London’s iconic Rocks Lane Padel Club, saw the Swedish team clinch the title after a series of intense matches that captivated padel enthusiasts across Europe.

The Vikings of Järfälla
The Vikings of Järfälla are EPL’s inaugural champions. Photo courtesy of Euro Padel League

The Vikings of Järfälla, based in  Sweden, demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the tournament. Their journey to the championship was marked by strategic play, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The final match against formidable opponents, Rocks Lane Padel, showcased the high-caliber talent present in the Euro Padel League.

Euro Padel League’s founder, Chris Warren, expressed his excitement about the successful conclusion of the league’s first season: “This has been an incredible inaugural season for the Euro Padel League. The level of competition and the passion displayed by all the teams have been phenomenal. Congratulations to the Vikings of Järfälla on their well-deserved victory.”

The Euro Padel League 2024 season featured teams from across Europe, each bringing their unique flair and competitive spirit to the court. The league aimed to elevate the profile of padel in Europe, providing a platform for both seasoned players and emerging talents to showcase their abilities.

Alejandro “Alex” Peris and Cristian “Cris” Gutierrez, pivotal players for the Vikings, were instrumental in securing the championship. Their performance was a testament to their dedication and the rigorous preparation leading up to the tournament.

The success of the Euro Padel League’s inaugural season signals a bright future for padel in Europe. The league has garnered significant attention, with plans already underway to expand and enhance the competition in future seasons.

Chris Warren emphasized the league’s commitment to growth and innovation: “The response to the Euro Padel League has been overwhelmingly positive. We are committed to building on this momentum, offering even more exciting opportunities for players and fans alike in the coming years.”

The Rocks Lane Padel Club in London provided the perfect backdrop for the league’s climactic final, with fans turning out in droves to support their teams. The event highlighted the growing community of padel enthusiasts in Europe and underscored the sport’s increasing popularity.

In addition to the competitive matches, the Euro Padel League also focused on community engagement and promoting the sport at the grassroots level. Initiatives aimed at encouraging youth participation and providing access to high-quality coaching were key components of the league’s broader mission.

As the Vikings of Järfälla celebrate their historic victory, the Euro Padel League looks forward to building on the success of its inaugural season. With plans to introduce new teams, enhance competition formats, and increase fan engagement, the future of European padel looks promising.

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For more information, visit the Euro Padel League Press Release.

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