Team USA Excels at FIP Senior Championships with Great Wins

April 25, 2024

Coached by Angel Espadas and Richie Bailey, the USA women’s team secured a commendable 7th place out of 22 countries, making them the top-ranked team from the Americas. Notably, Ana Magrini and Lisa Tier went undefeated in the Women’s 55+ division, powering through their matches against Australia and Germany. “This achievement was beyond our initial expectations,” remarked Coach Espadas. The team’s success extended to Mariana Talarico and Veronica Costabel, who took second place in the Women’s 50+ National Pairs, marking another milestone for Team USA.

The men’s team, under Coach Nico Clerc, showcased their skill by finishing 9th overall, a record placement for the team at this event. Their journey included a thrilling 3-2 victory over Brazil and additional wins against teams from the Czech Republic, Finland, and Australia. “Our performances here have made a significant mark, and it’s clear that our hard work is paying off,” said Coach Clerc. Team player Ed “Por Tres” Garno expressed his honor in representing the USA, emphasizing the thrill of competing against top global talent.

Beyond the competition, the event was a celebration of international camaraderie. Jared Palmer highlighted the unique aspect of global team events, noting the fun and the opportunity to make new friends within the global padel community. “The atmosphere was incredible, and it’s exciting to think about what we can achieve moving forward,” Palmer added.

Team USA’s remarkable performance at the FIP Senior World Championships marks a pivotal chapter in the sport’s development within the country, signaling a future of competitive success and international recognition. The dedication and teamwork displayed by the athletes reflect their commitment to elevating the sport of padel in the U.S. and worldwide.

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