Chasing Glory in Alicante: USPA Calls for Elite Padel Talent

February 13, 2024

The United States Padel Association (USPA) announces the call for player applications for the much-anticipated FIP Senior World Championships, set to take place from April 15th to 20th, 2024, in the picturesque city of La Nucía, Alicante, Spain. Following the groundbreaking success of the last championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year’s event promises to elevate the sport of padel to new heights on the global stage.

In search of the nation’s finest padel talent, the USPA invites top-tier athletes to apply for a chance to don the stars and stripes at this prestigious event. Player selections will hinge on a mix of performance achievements within the competitive realm of the USPA Chosen Foods Circuit and decisions made by the coaching staff, ensuring a powerhouse team that embodies skill, determination, and the spirit of competition.

The journey to La Nucía is supported by an impressive roster of sponsors, including Padel Lux, Padel Haus, and Van Eck. Their generous backing plays a crucial role in the development of padel within the United States, providing essential support to Team USA as they prepare to make their mark on the international padel scene.

Endorsed by both the Padel Federation of the Valencian Community (FPCV) and the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP), and with the institutional support of the Comunitat Valenciana and the Council of Alicante, the championships are not merely a contest of skill but also a celebration of padel’s rich culture and its legendary figures.

For athletes eager to represent the United States and padel enthusiasts looking forward to the spectacle, additional details and application information are available on the USPA website. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible event that continues to drive the global growth and popularity of Padel.

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