Brittany Dubins: Breaking the Mold

June 7, 2024

As the sport of padel continues to grow in America, so too does the frequency of global padel
stars arriving on American shores to play in the Pro Padel League (PPL), looking for success in
the world’s largest sports market. However, one PPL star has done it differently. Her
name is Brittany Dubins. Born and bred in Miami, Florida, Dubins has done the reverse of so many
of her fellow professional players, by deciding to ply her trade outside the U.S. and move to
the home of padel, Spain, to hone her game.

Originally a talented college tennis player, the Floridian discovered padel during a semester
abroad in Madrid while pursuing her Law degree. She quickly excelled in the sport and turned
professional in 2019. Immersing herself in Spanish culture and European competitions has not
only enriched her playing style but also given her a broader perspective on the sport.

Dubins’ unique strategy may be showing promising results. Returning to the U.S. to compete
in the PPL for the San Diego StingRays, she stands out as one of the few American players in
the competition and is quickly gaining a reputation as the poster girl for U.S. padel.

Following her stellar performance in the 2023 PPL season, Dubins continued her exceptional
form into 2024, and, following her victory at the latest USPA Tournament in Chicago this past
weekend, has now secured three USPA major titles in quick succession and played some head-
turning padel along the way. Teaming up with her tournament partner Carla Rodriguez
Sanchez, the Miami-born star clinched the P1 Padel Las Vegas title, adding to her triumph at
Paul Haus in Brooklyn earlier in the year. This past weekend at Padel Clube, Dubins partnered
with fellow PPL Star Jordi Lujan to add yet more silverware to her growing trophy cabinet.
These victories might be the first indication to suggest that her decision to go against the
trend and move away from the U.S. to enhance her game – and ply her trade in a nation that
now boasts padel as its number two sport – is reaping rewards.

As if her unique on-court journey wasn’t enough, Dubins is also starting to make a name for
herself by engaging in significant off-field engagements, clearly spotting the opportunity to
become a padel influencer at a time of rapid growth for the sport in the world’s largest sports
market – a move that will position Brittany Dubins well once she eventually hangs up her racket.
Through her off-court content strategy played out on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, it’s
apparent that Dubins is a passionate advocate for padel’s growth in the U.S. and beyond, and
could fast become a role model for young Americans looking to take up the sport.

Also off the court, Dubins has co-hosted a podcast, “The Padel Movement,” with Padel 22
Founder, “The Padel PR” Ben Nichols, sharing insights and news about the sport and coaches
young players. This hands-on approach is not only fostering the sport’s growth but will also
ensure that her brand starts nurturing a new generation of passionate and skilled American
players in the coming years. These off-field endeavors are starting to set Dubins apart from
her peers, in building her following, influence, and power within the sport, and improving her commercial appeal for brands and businesses that are starting to view the sport as an
investment opportunity.

With her unique journey and passion for the game – and now the growing number of USPA
tournament victories to back it up – it’s clear Brittany Dubins has firmly established herself as a
recognizable fixture in the padel movement. As the 32-year-old continues to excel on-court
and influence others off it, the American is setting the benchmark for how to become the
modern-day padel influencer on and off the padel court. And so, expect much, much more to
come from the affable Miami-born star in the years ahead.

Oscar Sanger is a sports marketing professional at Padel 22 and a padel enthusiast on a mission to chronicle all aspects of this exciting and growing sport.

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