Brittany Dubins is Original Penguin’s New Face in the World of Padel

January 18, 2024

Brittany Dubins isn’t just any player; she’s a force to be reckoned with in the Padel world. Her track record is impressive, with victories like the 2022 USPA Florida Major Padel Championships and her participation in the World Padel Championship in Dubai. In 2023, she was not only the top-rated American Female Padel Player but also made waves in the inaugural Professional Padel League (PPL) and other international tournaments.

Oscar Feldenkreis, CEO of Perry Ellis International, expressed his enthusiasm about welcoming Brittany to the Original Penguin family. “Her dedication and outstanding achievements in Padel, along with her vibrant personality, perfectly embody our brand’s values,” he said. It’s clear that Original Penguin, a brand that balances style and performance effortlessly, sees Brittany as the embodiment of this ethos. They are all set for an exciting journey together, as Brittany will showcase the brand’s Spring 2024 women’s racquet collection, a line that blends retro heritage style with modern innovation.

The collection Brittany will represent is as unique as her playing style – think retro vibes with a modern twist, sustainable fabrics, and designs that are all about comfort and performance. It’s a collection that promises to make a statement on and off the court.

Brittany’s own words reflect her excitement about this partnership. “This partnership allows me to combine my love for Padel with a brand that shares my passion for style, performance, and innovation,” she stated. She’s ready to bring her flair to the sport while representing Original Penguin.

This collaboration is part of Original Penguin’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence in the sports market, joining forces with other racquet and padel athletes. With over 60 years of history, Original Penguin continues to be a symbol of leisure and sport, a perfect match for the dynamic and stylish world of Padel.

For more details on this exciting partnership and what it means for the world of padel and sports fashion, read the full press release in The Golf Wire.

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