North American Results Roundup Oct 11, 2023

October 11, 2023

In the heart of NYC, the A1 Padel tournament sizzled with intense matches, showcasing top-tier skills and unexpected triumphs. Philip Osses-konig and Chris Humphreys aced their game, securing the Division I Male title, while Maria Magraner Grau and Anna Cortiles Tapia dominated in Division I Female. Over in Houston, Andres Nunez Soza and Iker Arizpe snagged victory in Division I Male, proving their prowess on the court. From high-stakes rallies to fierce smashes, the North American Padel scene is alive with excitement!

NYC USPA 500 ft. A1 Padel

Division I  Male

Winners – Philip Osses-konig and Chris Humphreys 

Runners Up – Joaquim Florensa Hernandez and Mariano Cabrera

Division I Female

Winners – Maria Magraner Grau and Anna Cortiles Tapia 

Runners Up – Marta Morga Alonso and Astrid Gehre

Division II Male

Winners – Matt Hansen and Henrique Piedade

Runners Up – Gabriel Arraiz and Marco Mazzotta

Division III Male

Winners – Will Persson and Luke Alicknavitch

Runners Up – Jose Morales and Boris Barriosz


Division I Male

Winners – Andres Nunez Soza and Iker Arizpe

Runners Up – Facundo Trabanco and Andres Blancas Olvera

Division II Male

Winners – Dionisio Podadera and Franco Scialacomo

Runners Up – Hugh Lam and Alfredo Tellez

Division II Female

Winners – Jessica Medina Pere and Debbie Ladig

Runners Up – Amy Crouser and Theresa Kinslow

Division III Male

Winners – Hans Christian List and Rafael Quesada

Runners Up – Michael Cohen and Juan Lopez

What’s Next? 

Padel enthusiasts, the thrill continues! The courts are still buzzing, and the competition is heating up. Stay tuned to The Padel Weekly for your front-row seat to all the thrilling matches, surprising upsets, and epic victories in the North American Padel scene. Whether you’re a fan of unexpected turnarounds or powerful smashes, the game is on, and we’re here to serve you all the exciting updates! Get ready for more paddle-perfect action!

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