US Open Padel Championships to Debut in Miami This October

April 25, 2024

A Global Stage for Top Talent

The championships will feature a 64-team draw in Division 1 for both men and women, highlighting the best in the sport from the U.S. and around the globe. USPA President Martin Sweeney shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly proud to announce the inaugural US Open Padel Championships at the spectacular new Ultra Club. This tournament is not just a competition but a celebration of Padel’s growing prominence in the USA and an opportunity to set a global benchmark.”

A Festival of Padel

In addition to the elite Division 1, the tournament will also host competitions in Divisions 2 and 3, accommodating a wide range of skill levels. The Ultra Club, renowned for its comprehensive facilities and vibrant atmosphere typical of Miami’s top sporting events, will provide the perfect backdrop for this festival of padel.

Open for All

With registration opening on July 1st, 2024, and visa support available for international players, the USPA is dedicated to making the US Open Padel Championships a globally accessible event. For more information on how to register or details about the event, padel enthusiasts and players are encouraged to visit the USPA’s dedicated event page.

About the USPA and Ultra Club

The USPA, as the national governing body for padel in the USA, is committed to promoting and developing padel through organizing tournaments, certifying referees, and fostering player development. The Ultra Club stands as the largest padel facility in the United States, offering a blend of sports, wellness, dining, and social spaces, and catering to both avid padel enthusiasts and elite players.

This October, join the Padel community in celebrating a new chapter in American Padel history at the US Open Padel Championships. Whether you’re a player, fan, or curious newcomer, this event promises thrilling matches and unforgettable experiences.

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