Thrilling Victory: Eastern Conference Dominates PPL’s First-Ever All-Star Spectacle at Taktika Padel, San Diego!

December 5, 2023

The sold-out venue set the stage for an electrifying showdown between the world’s premier padel players, a spectacle that reverberated globally through the live broadcast on T2, the Tennis Channel’s dynamic streaming network.

The Eastern Conference, led by an ensemble of padel luminaries, showcased a stellar lineup that included Cata Tenorio (Arkansas Matrix, four-time World Team Champion representing Argentina, and former FIP #1), Nico Agritelley (Arkansas Matrix, PPL 2023 MVP, No. 2 ranked player in the U.S.), Ruben Rivera (Miami Padel Club, No. 72 FIP ranking), and Anna Cortiles (Cancun Waves, No. 93 WPT ranking). On the opposing side, the Western Conference boasted their own formidable roster, featuring Guga Vasquez (Las Vegas Smash, 2023 PPL Team Champions), Silvana Campus (San Diego Stingrays, No. 1 ranked Argentinian player, and five-time World Team Champion representing Argentina), Dani Banchero (Los Angeles Beat, former No. 1 ranked Argentinian player, and three-time World Team Champion representing Argentina), and Jacob Blanco (San Diego Stingrays, No. 4 ranked player in the U.S.).

The action-packed evening kicked off with an exhibition match, setting the stage for the competitive spirit to follow. Houston Volts player Pablo Garcia and Sport Advisor, former World No. 1 Juani Mieres, triumphed over 14-time World No. 1 Juan Martin Diaz and partner, former World No. 2 Miguel Lamperti, with a thrilling score of 8-5.

The Eastern Conference’s men’s doubles team, Nico Agritelley and Ruben Rivera, faced a tough challenge from the Western Conference’s Guga Vazquez and Jacabo Blanco in the opening All-Star Game match. The Western Conference clinched victory in straight sets with a commanding 6-3, 6-0 win.

However, the Eastern Conference retaliated fiercely in the women’s doubles match, with Cata Tenorio and Anna Cortilles securing a decisive victory against Daniela Banchero and Silvana Campus, sealing the sets 6-3, 6-4.

The tension reached its peak in the deciding mixed doubles set, where the Eastern Conference’s Ruben Rivera and Anna Cortilles faced off against Guga Vazquez and Sylvana Campus from the Western Conference. In a nail-biting showdown, the Eastern Conference triumphed with a close 6-4 win, securing their overall victory in the inaugural PPL All-Star Game.

The thrilling encounters at Taktika Padel didn’t just captivate the live audience but also drew in viewers around the world through T2’s live streaming network. For those who missed the action, the Tennis Channel is set to broadcast the All-Star Game on television globally, bringing the intensity and excitement of this historic event to Padel enthusiasts everywhere. Stay tuned for updates on the air date as PPL’s inaugural All-Star Game continues to make waves in the world of professional padel!

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