Thirty30: Igniting Padel’s High-Octane Future

March 16, 2024

Imagine a Padel match where the intensity never dips, and every point is a cliffhanger. That’s the vision Mark Milne, a Scotsman with a penchant for innovation in racquet sports, is bringing to life with his Thirty30 scoring system. A fresh take on Padel’s traditional scoring, Thirty30 is designed to make every match an edge-of-your-seat experience.

At the core of Thirty30, the game begins not at love-all but at 30-30 – hence the name. This simple tweak ensures that from the very first serve, the stakes are high. The format also introduces a unique twist to the deuce system, offering a golden, silver, or bronze sudden death point, making games brisk and battles fierce. And if a set locks at 6-6, a nail-biting nine-point tie-break decides the victor, with a sudden death point at 4-4 to add to the thrill.

Mark explains, “Padel has the same problem as tennis – matches are lasting too long with too many dead points. Thirty30 brings a faster-moving format with no dead points or quieter periods. It is high intensity, more dynamic, ultra-competitive, and extremely exciting.”

Mark Milne of Thirty30

But Thirty30 isn’t just about speeding things up; it’s about enhancing the viewer’s experience and player engagement. With quicker score turnovers and more significant points, the action is relentless, keeping players on their toes and audiences captivated. “Every second point played is a game point, so the game scores tick over very quickly, and there are more big points,” Mark adds, highlighting the ceaseless excitement Thirty30 offers.

Moreover, Thirty30 addresses the pace of the game beyond scoring. By reducing the frequency of side changes – players switch sides after the first two games, then every four after that – the game maintains its rhythm, avoiding downtime that can stall traditional matches. Mark states, “We believe it ticks a lot of boxes.”

The fundamental ruleset of Thirty30 Padel

Behind Thirty30 is not just the mind of a sports enthusiast but a seasoned mechanical design engineer, Mark Milne. With a background in various racquet sports and a history of seeking efficiency on and off the court, Mark, alongside business partner Michael Reynolds, a former Professional Tennis Player, aims to transform Padel into a spectator sport for the modern era. Their company, Thirty30 International Sports Group, is the vessel for this ambitious venture.

The pair have been advocating for Thirty30 at the grassroots level, amassing support from players and clubs worldwide. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with hundreds of testimonials praising the innovative format. “The beauty of Thirty30 is that it respects everything about tennis and Padel traditions – you still end up winning a match 6-3, 7-6, etc,” Mark points out, ensuring that while the format innovates, it honors the sport’s essence.

As racquet sports evolve to meet the demands of a fast-paced world, Thirty30 presents an exhilarating future where every match is a high-octane adventure. Mark’s vision is clear: “We want to revolutionize racquet sports and unleash a new era of fast, thrilling action, where every point counts! We believe Thirty30 is the future of racquet sports.”

In a landscape ready for change, Thirty30 is the spark that sets the world of Padel ablaze with excitement, offering a glimpse into a future where the game is quicker, the action non-stop, and every point a battle worth winning.

For more information about Thirty30 and their unique and exciting take on Padel scoring, please visit their website at

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