The Strategic Serve: Ben Nichols and Padel 22’s Play to Elevate Padel Worldwide

March 16, 2024

With a rich background steering media narratives from the Russian doping scandal to rebranding the Commonwealth Games, Nichols has now set his sights on Padel, bringing his formidable expertise to promote and grow the sport through his venture, Padel 22.

Ben and the Padel 22 team.

Nichols’ venture into Padel was fueled by a lifelong passion for racquet sports and an astute recognition of an untapped opportunity. “It’s been a (really) unusual individual story to get here, to get to Padel,” Nichols shared, reflecting on his journey from playing tennis to becoming a pivotal figure in the Padel community. His work with Padel 22 aims to tell the untold stories of Padel, leveraging his deep understanding of sports communication to spotlight this rapidly growing sport.

A significant challenge Nichols identifies in popularizing Padel is its newness to many, necessitating a strategic approach to making it relevant to mainstream media and the public. However, Nichols sees this as an opportunity, noting, “The media love a trend, an underdog story. They love something on the rise, and that’s what Padel is.” His strategy involves showcasing Padel’s accessibility, social nature, and the fun it offers to players of all ages, thereby capturing the media’s interest and fostering community engagement around the sport.

Padel 22’s role in this narrative is multifaceted, embracing a wide array of communications strategies to elevate the sport’s profile. From traditional PR to social media and influencer marketing, Nichols and his team are dedicated to introducing Padel to new audiences and building vibrant communities around it.

Looking forward, Nichols is excited about the future of Padel 22 and the sport of Padel itself. With projects spanning across the globe and the Padel ecosystem, Nichols is at the forefront of the sport’s expansion, collaborating with clubs, athletes, and brands to promote Padel’s growth. “It’s very, very international; it keeps things interesting,” he says, reflecting on the wide-reaching impact of his work.

Nichols offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those looking to grow their Padel-related brands or projects. His advice to newcomers and veterans alike is to engage with the community, understand the market, and leverage the unique aspects of Padel to drive interest and participation. “Reach out and let’s grow to be great in Padel together,” Nichols invites, echoing his commitment to advancing the sport he loves.

Ben Nichols’ story, as shared in his interview with The Padel Weekly, is a testament to the power of passion, vision, and strategic communication in transforming sports. Through Padel 22, Nichols is not just promoting a game but fostering a global community united by a love for Padel, demonstrating the immense potential of this dynamic and engaging sport.

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