The Reserve Cup, Padel’s Most Star-Studded Showdown of the Year!

January 30, 2024

Wayne Boich, the Founder and CEO of Reserve Padel, shares his enthusiasm, “Launching Reserve Cup Presented by Richard Mille in Miami is a testament to the vision we’ve worked diligently to bring to life.” He anticipates that this event, the largest independently owned Padel event in the world, will redefine elite Padel tournaments.

Joining forces with Boich is Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler, who will not only partner in the event but also captain one of the two teams. Opposite him, baseball legend Derek Jeter will lead the second team. The tournament boasts participation from fourteen of the top twenty global players, including luminaries like Juan Lebrón Chincoa and Alejandro Galán, ensuring a display of world-class Padel talent.

Butler expresses his excitement, “Miami is in for something special. I’m thrilled to be a part of this global Padel movement with Wayne, both as a partner and as a team captain of the Reserve Cup.”

Reserve has rapidly established itself as a leader in the Padel scene since its inception in early 2023, known for its luxury clubs and premier events. The Reserve Cup, set to be an annual highlight, aims to elevate Padel to unprecedented levels. This unique competition blends elements of the Ryder Cup and Laver Cup, with two teams of seven battling over three days for a half-million-dollar prize.

The event kicks off with a pro-am event, followed by a draft ceremony and an exclusive welcome event. Highlights include a celebrity charity match and intense player matchups, culminating in a trophy ceremony and a closing party. An exclusive VIP section, the Reserve Club by Richard Mille, will offer an elevated experience for Reserve Members.

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