The Cybershape: Stiga’s Latest Innovation in Racket Design

January 16, 2024

John Bandstigen, Stiga’s Product Manager, is thrilled about the potential of this hexagonal marvel. “The 20% greater sweet spot combined with the acceleration is an incredible advantage,” he remarks, emphasizing the racket’s unique design and performance benefits.

Remember Truls Möregårdh’s stunning run to the World Cup final in 2021? It was the Cybershape racket that fueled his success. Now, Stiga is all set to replicate that magic in Padel. Today, they’ve officially announced the launch of the Cybershape hexagonal padel racket, promising a revolution on the courts.

In their latest press release, Stiga unveiled the specifics. “This racket takes concepts like sweet spot and power to a whole new dimension, all thanks to its hexagonal shape. The ability to reach balls close to the ground or walls was probably the most surprising thing to me when I first tried it,” shares Bandstigen, highlighting how this design redefines playability.

But that’s not all. Stiga is releasing the Cybershape in three versions: Cybershape 3K, Cybershape 18K, and Cybershape 18K Hard. “The 20% greater sweet spot in conjunction with the acceleration is an incredible benefit of the Cybershape shape. As you hit harder and faster strokes, you get tremendous power and forward assist that gives a sense of total control despite the high speed. The combination of speed and control is, I would say, a unique feature of the Cybershape racket,” Bandstigen explains.

Available for pre-booking starting today, these rackets are not just tools; they’re game changers. With Stiga stepping into the Padel arena, players can expect a blend of innovation and performance like never before.

Original article by Padel Alto

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