Teddy Padel Debuts at the World Padel Summit in Malaga

June 11, 2024

Malaga, Spain – Teddy Sports World has made an exciting announcement at the World Padel Summit in Malaga: the launch of Teddy Padel. This new initiative aims to bring the beloved Teddy Sports World and Teddy Tennis experience to the padel courts, targeting children aged 3 to 7 with a unique blend of story-based games, catchy music, and scientifically backed sports education.

UK-based Teddy Sports World has expanded its repertoire with Teddy Padel, following the successful introduction of Teddy Cricket, Teddy Soccer, and the foundational Teddy Tennis. This new program was unveiled by ex-tennis champion and padel pioneer Alex Tvaliashvili, alongside Sales Director Candice Rawlins and their dedicated team. Alex expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, saying, “Teddy Padel is not just about teaching kids how to play padel; it’s about creating a fun and engaging experience that will instill a lifelong love for the sport.”

The Teddy Padel Program
Photo Courtesy of Teddy World

What sets Teddy Padel apart in the competitive sports market is its innovative approach. The program uses engaging stories, music, and games to teach young children the fundamentals of padel in a supportive and entertaining environment. This method has proven effective in overcoming children’s hesitancy and fostering a love for sports, as evidenced by the success of Teddy Sports World’s other programs.

The reception at the Summit was overwhelmingly positive. “The response we’ve received here at the World Padel Summit is incredibly encouraging,” Candice Rawlins noted. “There is a strong demand for our unique approach to making the world’s fastest-growing sport accessible to the youngest children, and we’re ready to expand our reach globally.”

A standout feature of the program is its specially designed rackets, tailored for young children. These lightweight, child-friendly rackets enhance grip and control, making it easier for children to learn the basic techniques and develop their skills safely. Alex Tvaliashvili emphasized the importance of appropriate equipment: “Our specially designed rackets are perfect for little hands, making padel accessible for young players and opening up a whole new market for padel businesses.”

Teddy Padel leverages the successful model established by Teddy Tennis, known for its carefully crafted curriculum and lovable teddy bear characters. This expansion into padel reflects Teddy Sports World’s commitment to broadening their impact and providing more opportunities for children to engage in sports.

Teddy Sports World is set to roll out Teddy Padel franchises worldwide, offering comprehensive support to franchisees, including teacher training, venue selection, and marketing strategy. With the backing of Teddy Sports World’s established reputation and innovative approach, the future looks bright for this new venture.

For more information on Teddy Padel, visit www.teddypadel.com.

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