Shipyard Supply Co. Unveils Revolutionary Superyacht Padel Court

April 9, 2024

The uniqueness of SSCo.’s Padel Court lies in its free-standing structure, a game-changer that sidesteps the need for traditional deck sockets and poles. This design breakthrough ensures the court can grace nearly any helideck, providing a seamless fit for operational yachts previously unable to host such facilities. Beyond its versatility, the court’s design cleverly utilizes space and adapts effortlessly to various yacht layouts.

SSCo.’s forward-thinking approach shines through in their commitment to introducing novel amenities to superyachts. Beyond padel, the court’s versatile design welcomes other racquet sports, including squash and racquetball, broadening the scope of onboard activities.

Constructed from lightweight carbon and incorporating Plexiglass and mesh panels, the court promises both durability and top-notch performance. Its user-friendly design allows for quick assembly and disassembly, while its flat modular panels ensure convenient storage.

Josh Richardson, CEO of Shipyard Supply Co., shared his enthusiasm: “We are excited to introduce the Padel Court to our expanding portfolio of games deck projects. The SSCo. team has worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. We believe that being on water shouldn’t restrict the choice of sports available, and we always strive to be one step ahead of the game. Having extensively designed, engineered, and tested this system we are confident in offering it to all superyachts.”

Echoing this sentiment, Richard Clements, Technical Manager at SSCo., highlighted the court’s bespoke features: “Our Padel Court features custom-designed elements tailored to the unique challenges of maritime environments. From specialized materials to innovative engineering solutions, every aspect of the court has been carefully crafted to ensure optimal functionality and durability. Our Padel Court redefines onboard entertainment, providing an unmatched experience in the industry.”

As Shipyard Supply Co. ventures into uncharted waters with its superyacht Padel Court, the future of luxury yacht entertainment looks brighter—and sportier—than ever. This pioneering project showcases SSCo.’s commitment to innovation and signals a new era of luxury sports experiences available to the elite seafaring community.

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