San Diego Stingrays Score Big: Padel Legends Maxi Sanchez and Miguel Lamperti Join the Team

October 9, 2023

Game on, San Diego! Get ready to witness a padel revolution as the San Diego Stingrays, one of the powerhouse teams in America’s Pro Padel League (PPL), have just made an electrifying double signing. Argentinean World Padel Tour sensations, Maxi Sanchez and Miguel Lamperti, are donning the Stingrays’ jersey, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled!

In a move that’s set to reshape the PPL landscape, the Stingrays are bringing in two titans of the padel world. Maxi Sanchez, a seasoned pro with an impressive career spanning 18 seasons, is known for his fierce determination and unmatched skills. With 22 World Padel Tour tournament victories and multiple championship wins for Argentina, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Joining him is the legendary Miguel Lamperti, a player whose name resonates with anyone familiar with padel. Lamperti boasts a remarkable World Top 10 ranking from 2007 to 2019, peaking at World Number 2 in 2009. His 2016 World Championship win with the Argentina national team solidified his status as a padel icon.

Both Sanchez and Lamperti expressed their excitement about joining the Stingrays. Sanchez, thrilled about the new chapter in his career, emphasized his passion for the sport’s growth in the United States. Lamperti, equally enthusiastic, recognized the immense potential of the PPL and San Diego’s vibrant sports community.

Ryan Redondo, Co-Owner of the San Diego Stingrays, highlighted the significance of these signings, recognizing the unparalleled talent and experience that Sanchez and Lamperti bring to the team. Gabriel Perez Krieb, Co-Owner of the Stingrays, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the broader goal of engaging Southern California’s padel enthusiasts.

Armando Rodiel, Co-Owner and Team Coach of the Stingrays, described the signings as a testament to the team’s ambition to compete at the highest level. With these padel legends in their ranks, the Stingrays are gearing up for a thrilling season, poised to capture hearts and inspire a new wave of padel enthusiasts in San Diego.

Get ready to witness padel greatness, San Diego. The Stingrays are here to make a splash, and with Sanchez and Lamperti leading the charge, the PPL just got a whole lot more exciting!

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