RedPadel Circuit Heads to Atlanta with a $25,000 Prize Pool

May 17, 2024

The RedPadel finals will feature a unique community experience at a private residence near the pATL court facility. The festive atmosphere is designed to enhance the camaraderie and enjoyment of the sport for both players and spectators.

With a prize purse set at $25,000, this event is set to attract some of the top padel talent in the United States. “This has the ability to be one of the best events in the US from a talent perspective,” says Andrew Herring, co-founder of pATL along with Kevin Ye. Herring emphasizes the significance of the prize money, “I know there are other events that are close or equivalent to what we’re offering in prize money but I think this is probably one of the biggest purses that’s ever been offered in the US for a padel focused event.”

PAtl courts are ready for RedPadel
Photo courtesy of PATL

Herring also highlights the social aspect of padel tournaments, noting the inclusive atmosphere that invites players of all levels to participate and enjoy the competition.

The collaboration with RedPADEL is seen as a significant step in expanding the sport’s reach. “Being part of their national circuit was one thing we were enthusiastic about having seen it last year,” Herring explains. He adds that the event incentivizes participation from both top-tier and lower-division players, creating a special sense of community and engagement.

Atlanta’s event is expected to be a highlight of the 2024 RedPADEL Circuit, with CEO Charles Messow expressing his excitement: “We are beyond excited to bring RedPADEL to Atlanta and introduce this incredible sport to the local community. Andrew and Kevin and the team at pATL are great and are poised to do big things in the region.”

Messow emphasizes the event’s goal of fostering community and providing a platform for players to showcase their skills, whether seasoned professionals or intermediate club players.

  • What: RedPADEL Circuit No.2
  • When: June 7-9
  • Where: pATL Courts, 3110 Presidential Drive, Atlanta
  • Prize Money: $25,000
  • Entry Fee: $100 per person
  • Max No. Teams: 56

Registrations for the event close on Friday, May 31st. Don’t miss the chance to witness or participate in one of the most exciting padel events of the year. 

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