RedPADEL and PlaySight Forge New Pathways

May 13, 2024

In a significant move to enhance the padel sports landscape, RedPADEL Rating (RPR) and PlaySight have entered into a strategic partnership, promising to revolutionize how padel enthusiasts engage with the sport. This collaboration marries RedPADEL’s leading rating system in the U.S. with PlaySight’s cutting-edge AI and analytics technology, setting a new standard in sports performance analysis.

Photo courtesy of RedPADEL/PlaySight

This alliance aims to provide Padel players and clubs with unparalleled access to advanced analytics, helping players refine their strategies and improve their gameplay. PlaySight’s platform will integrate directly with RedPADEL’s system, allowing players to view their RPR ratings alongside detailed match footage. This feature is designed to offer athletes critical insights into their performance, enhancing both training and competitive play.

Charles Messow, CEO of RedPADEL, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Incorporating the RedPADEL rating system within the PlaySight broadcast will not only elevate the viewing experience but also enhance our circuit’s coverage with PlaySight’s multi-angle portable GO Mobile technology and remote production services,” he noted.

Further, PlaySight’s technology will enable the feature of AI-generated highlights, aptly named “Moments,” which allows players to instantly relive and analyze the pivotal plays of their matches. PlaySight CEO Chen Shachar also highlighted the transformative potential of the partnership: “Merging our video technology with RedPADEL’s innovative rating system underscores our commitment to Padel’s growth and revolutionizes how matches are watched and analyzed.”

Photo courtesy of RedPADEL/PlaySight

This partnership represents a significant step forward in making high-level sports analytics accessible to the broader padel community, promising to enhance the way players, coaches, and fans experience the sport. For more details on this exciting development, visit RedPADEL at and PlaySight at

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