Puerto Escondido Welcomes Padel’s Finest for the America’s Cup!

February 13, 2024

Get ready for an electrifying start to 2024 as Redpadel sets the stage for the America’s Cup at the picturesque Club Bacocho in Puerto Escondido. This year’s tournament, happening from February 28th to March 3rd, is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of Padel, bringing together 12 top-tier amateur teams from across the Americas – the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Chile – to battle it out on the scenic shores of Puerto Escondido.

With two men’s divisions and one women’s division, the America’s Cup is poised to showcase the skill, teamwork, and sheer passion that Padel enthusiasts have for this rapidly growing sport. The stakes are high with the winning team taking home $3,000 and an additional $12,000 up for grabs in raffle prizes, making the competition fierce and the games more thrilling than ever.

Charles Messow, the visionary founder of RedPadel, expressed his excitement about hosting the tournament in such a stunning location. “We are incredibly excited to bring the America’s Cup Showdown 2024 to Puerto Escondido,” Messow said. He anticipates that the event will not only highlight the competitive spirit of Padel in the Americas but also offer participants unforgettable experiences at the exotic beach resort.

Building on the success of the inaugural America’s Cup held in Miami in 2023, where eight local teams competed, the 2024 tournament promises to be bigger and better. Participants can look forward to challenging matches against some of the most enthusiastic Padel clubs, including Charlotte Pioneers, Conecta Chile, Sport Haus from Connecticut, local heroes Club Bacocho from Oaxaca, Bay Padel from San Francisco, pAtl Hawks from Atlanta, Montreal Blizzard, The Pad from Toronto, San Diego Stingrays, Sensa Padel from Austin, Aforza Chiquitas from Calgary, and Miami United.

RedPadel is not just hosting a tournament; it’s spearheading the movement to propel Padel into the spotlight in North America. As the official player rating system of the United States Padel Association, RedPadel aims to connect players, coaches, and clubs across the continent, fostering a community that’s united by their love for the game.

Mark your calendars for this spectacular event that’s set to blend competitive sportsmanship with the beauty of Puerto Escondido’s beaches. Whether you’re a player, a fan, or simply intrigued by the sport of Padel, the America’s Cup Showdown 2024 is an event you won’t want to miss. For more details on the tournament and how to be part of this Padel phenomenon, make sure to check out the full press release on the RedPadel website.

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