Premier Padel Teams Up with Bullpadel in a Strategic Partnership Through 2026

May 9, 2024

Premier Padel, a global leader in professional Padel tours, and Bullpadel, the top Padel brand, have announced their partnership through the end of the 2026 season. Bullpadel will be the official technical apparel and racket provider for Premier Padel, enhancing both player performance and fan engagement worldwide.

This collaboration will see the launch of an exclusive Premier Padel collection designed by Bullpadel, aimed at players across all levels—from social to professional. This collection promises to integrate cutting-edge technical innovations with stylish designs to enhance performance on the padel court. The range will include clothing, rackets, footwear, bags, and accessories, ensuring that every aspect of a player’s game is covered.

In anticipation of the Premier Padel Finals in Barcelona this December, Bullpadel will roll out a special tournament line featuring customized apparel and equipment. This limited edition range will be tailored to the unique atmosphere of the Premier Padel Finals, providing an exclusive experience for players and fans alike.

Paquito Navarro, Premier Padel player, with a Bullpadel racquet
Paquito Navarro for Bullpadel

Rob Mitchell, Commercial Director at Premier Padel, emphasized that this partnership extends beyond mere apparel; it’s about enriching the Padel community’s connection to the sport. “This unique collaboration with Bullpadel will bring new experiences to our fans and help elevate the global profile of Premier Padel,” said Mitchell.

Alfredo Peñalver, CEO of Bullpadel, expressed excitement about the partnership, viewing it as a commitment to Padel’s growth and a boost for the sport’s global presence. “Partnering with the leading Padel tour underscores our dedication to promoting Padel globally and enhancing the sport for players and spectators,” Peñalver noted.

The upcoming collections from Premier Padel and Bullpadel will be available during the 2024 season at selected retailers, tournaments worldwide, and online at Bullpadel’s website. This partnership marks a significant step in evolving Premier Padel’s influence and Bullpadel’s innovative contributions to the sport, promising exciting developments for the Padel community.

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