PPL 2024: Padel’s Premier Athletes Clash in $1 Million Prize Battle

February 3, 2024

Marcos del Pilar, the visionary PPL Commissioner, couldn’t hide his excitement: “The PPL has tremendous momentum right now and there’s incredible energy behind the sport.” This season, the league is proud to host both male and female athletes, including legends and top-ranked players like Pablo Lima and Juan Martín Díaz, ensuring a spectacle of unmatched talent and competition.

With ten teams vying for the coveted PPL Cup, including last year’s champions, the Las Vegas Smash, and finalists, the Cancun Waves, the league promises nearly 100 matches and over 200 hours of content, expanding its footprint into new markets and franchise territories. The season kicks off in sunny Florida this April, with the final showdown set for New York at the year’s end, featuring a mix of men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles matches.

Photo courtesy of the Pro Padel League

Del Pilar further shared his vision for the league’s future: “We always believed that North America would drive the excitement and value of padel on a global basis.” The PPL stands as a pioneering force, introducing a team-based, city-franchise format that’s the first of its kind worldwide, aiming to catapult Padel into the spotlight of North American sports.

Padel, a dynamic blend of tennis and squash, has seen explosive growth globally, with the PPL and the USPA leading the charge in North America. As padel courts proliferate and the player base expands, the PPL is at the forefront of this thrilling sport’s evolution, promising fans and players alike a season of unparalleled action and excitement. Click here for more details on the PPL’s 2024 season.

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