Padelistes: Pioneering Padel’s Popularity in Paris with Martin Levy

April 29, 2024

With its unique blend of Mexican flair and Parisian sophistication, Padelistes is not just a sports facility—it’s a cultural phenomenon enriching the city’s vibrant sports landscape.

From Real Estate to Padel Courts

Martin Levy’s journey from a background in real estate and sports marketing to the forefront of Padel’s expansion in Paris is as intriguing as it is inspiring. Together with the Rapin brothers, Antoine and Hugo, Levy transitioned from collaborating on various projects to embracing the sport of Padel. Despite initial challenges such as navigating prefectural and administrative hurdles, their commitment bore fruit with the opening of Padelistes’s first club in downtown Paris just three weeks ago.

A Club with a Mexican Twist

Located in the eastern part of the city, Padelistes stands out not only as the sole padel club in downtown Paris but also through its distinctive Mexican-inspired atmosphere. This theme reflects the historical roots of Padel and the travels of Antoine Rapin in Latin America. The club features an authentic Mexican menu, and vibrant décor, and is even sponsored by Corona, enhancing the exotic and welcoming ambiance.

More Than Just a Padel Club

Padelistes is designed to be a complete experience rather than just a venue for sports. With facilities towering at an impressive height of 11.5 meters, it offers optimal conditions for lob plays—a feature that distinguishes it among Parisian sports clubs. Its warm, inviting garden and array of social activities, including tournaments and a platform for tourists to easily engage with local players, make Padelistes a cultural hub.

From left to right: Hugo (player), Francesco (player), Hugo Rapin, and Antoine Rapin

Expanding the Reach of Padel

Beyond the physical club, Padelistes has made significant strides in promoting Padel through digital media. The documentary series “Padelistes” which launched in October 2022, followed four amateurs as they trained in Spain and France, making the sport accessible and relatable to a broader audience. This approach has not only increased their visibility but has also helped them garner a substantial following, with about 4,000 padel enthusiasts connected through their social media platforms.

Looking Ahead

With ambitions to expand further, Martin Levy revealed plans to open two more clubs over the next three years. Padelistes aims to continue leveraging video content to enhance their brand and bring more people into the Padel fold.

For those interested in experiencing or learning more about Padelistes, Martin encourages reaching out through their Instagram handle @team_padelistes or visiting their website for more information.

This pioneering initiative by Martin Levy and the Rapin brothers is a testament to the growing appeal of Padel worldwide, particularly in France, where Padelistes is setting a new standard for how the sport can be integrated into urban culture and lifestyle.

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