Padel4Good: A Purple Sea of Impact in South Africa!

October 20, 2023

A vibrant sea of purple, echoing energy and enthusiasm, taking over Cape Town’s Virgin Active Padel Centre. Last weekend’s Padel4Good event was not just a sporting spectacle; it was a testament to the soaring growth of Padel in South Africa.

Hosted at the bustling Paarden Eiland venue, this all women’s event marked a significant milestone for Padel4Good. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as players, donned their distinctive purple sweaters, and filled the center. And it wasn’t just about the game – it was about making a difference.

The event boasted an array of exciting prizes, from kitchen appliances to Sorbet vouchers, igniting the competitive spirit. Winners walked away with Takealot vouchers worth R3000 each, ensuring smiles all around. But the true essence of the day? It was the spirit of unity and giving back.

In the true spirit of Padel4Good, the event’s highlight was its charitable contributions. One winner’s husband stepped up, offering a generous R20,000 donation to support NPOs working against gender-based violence, abuse, poverty, and hunger.

Gia Cawood from Enrich South Africa praised the vibrant sense of community and unity that permeated the event. “It was a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and an overwhelming sense of unity. We are delighted that our community came together to enjoy an incredible day of sportsmanship while supporting our cause,” she beamed.

And the impact was palpable. Kim Krog, who clinched the top spot with partner Janine Stokes, described the event as a blend of purpose and pleasure. “It was a phenomenal day for a really good cause for women and children,” Krog shared. “We managed to win today, which made it even better, and we had so much fun with all the ladies. There were some awesome personalities; we had lots of fun.”

Terina Coetzee and Lindy Sachs secured the second position, while Clarissa Vargas Herrere and Lindie Coetzee shone brightly, claiming the Plate honors.

This event wasn’t just a game; it was a movement, a vibrant purple testament to the power of unity and sport. Padel4Good is more than a charity; it’s a celebration of community, strength, and making a real difference. Here’s to more purple waves of impact in the future! πŸŽΎπŸ’œ

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