Padel X Ushers in a New Era of Padel with a Stunning Miami Debut

April 10, 2024

Their journey has already kicked off with the grand opening of their first club in downtown Miami at 141 NE 13 Terrace, with plans to expand to Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Miami’s venue boasts 10 outdoor courts, while Boca will feature eight indoor courts, and seven outdoor courts are planned for Palm Beach.

Juan Pablo Leria, originally from Spain, is confident in padel’s bright future in the U.S., stating, “We believe the Padel Revolution in the U.S. is here to stay. Padel X is a new brand. It’s a dynamic name. We intend to professionalize the sport, and that’s why we chose our name. We want to elevate padel to the Power of X.” With aspirations to open 30 Padel X clubs across the United States within the next five years, the team is on a mission to make padel a household name.

Nalle Grinda, Padel X’s chief director of sport and former player on the French national padel team, shares his journey from pro padel to pioneering the sport in Miami. After moving to Miami in 2010, Grinda’s passion for padel led him to introduce the sport to friends and gradually build a community of enthusiasts. “There was no padel in Miami at the time. We kept on inviting people to play, and they got the virus,” Grinda recalls.

The duo’s vision for Padel X was crystallized during the Miami Padel Open in 2022, recognizing the sport’s explosive growth in Europe and Latin America. With celebrities like Lionel Messi, President Emmanuel Macron, and Rafael Nadal among its fans, padel’s global footprint is expanding, even making its way into the 2023 European Games with eyes set on the Olympics.

Padel X isn’t just about expanding the sport; it’s about doing so sustainably. Leria emphasizes, “For example, we will recycle all the padel balls and water bottles. With that, we will produce all the merchandise and furniture in our clubs. Our goal is to have a strong and positive social impact for our community.”

With an estimated 25 million players worldwide and a history that dates back to 1969 in Mexico, padel combines elements of tennis and squash but stands out with its unique rules and court design. Padel X aims to elevate this sport with a fresh, sustainable approach, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for padel enthusiasts in Miami and beyond.

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