Padel World Stunned as Top Coach Mariano Amat Retires

September 26, 2023

Hold onto your paddles, folks, because the padel world just witnessed a shocker that left us all doing a double-take! 

In a jaw-dropping twist that sent ripples through the padel universe, Mariano Amat, the coach extraordinaire, dropped a bombshell last Thursday – he’s officially hanging up his coaching hat! 

Amat, the wizard behind the success of legends like Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan, is saying farewell to an illustrious career right at the top of the game. And here’s the kicker: he’s stepping down from his role at the world’s padel epicenter, the M3 Padel Academy, nestled in the heart of Madrid.

Now, let’s talk about the M3 Padel Academy. This place is legendary, often dubbed the holy grail of padel training. It’s where talents like Delfi Brea, Mike Yanguas, and Sofia Araujo honed their skills under Amat’s watchful eye. It’s basically the padel Hogwarts! 

But in a heartfelt message on his social media, Amat spilled the beans: “I’m waving goodbye to my coaching gig at the M3 Academy and taking a break from the competitive scene. It’s time for me to shift gears, from coaching on the sidelines to navigating my own path.” 

He also sent out a big shoutout to all the pros and pals he’s worked with over nine incredible years, and to the players who’ve blossomed under his tutelage. Classy move, Coach! 

Now, as the padel community tries to wrap its head around this plot twist, we’re left with a burning question: Is this the end of an era for Amat, or is there another chapter in his padel story yet to unfold? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – Amat’s legacy, built on turning the M3 Academy into a padel powerhouse, will shine bright in the annals of padel history. 

Stay tuned, padel fans – the game isn’t over, it’s just entering a thrilling new set! 

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