Padel Trend Expo Hits Spectacular Record Highs

January 25, 2024

With 120 stands bustling with activity, a remarkable 145 brands from around the globe showcased their latest innovations, reflecting a 20% and 28% increase respectively. It was a full house at the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation’s booth, where the presence of the Davis Cup drew crowds eager to capture a piece of Padel history. The event, wrapped in the vibrant atmosphere of Milan with the support of the Municipality, was not just an exhibition but a full-on entertainment fair.

Original image from Marco Oddino/The Padel Trend Expo

From the courts came the sound of rackets striking balls in perfect harmony, as top players and Padel maestros like Pablo Lima and Mati Diaz wowed the audience with their skills. Meanwhile, clinics brimmed with eager participants, all lining up to learn from the best in the business, including world-renowned coaches like Juanjo Gutierrez and Manu Martin.

The Expo wasn’t just about Padel; it was a cultural melting pot, attracting celebrities from various spheres, all united by their love for the sport. Football legends and stars from other arenas exchanged their usual playgrounds for the Padel court, adding a touch of glamour to the event. The likes of Zibi Boniek and Esteban Cambiasso traded goals for smashes, proving that the Padel bug spares no one.

Radio Deejay added to the festivities, with personalities like Rudy Zerbi and Gianluca Gazzoli joining in the fun, bringing their infectious energy to the Padel playground. Competitive spirits were high as exhibition matches unfolded, with Semprini and Bozzacchi taking home the glory in the “Grandi Firme” category and Zibi Boniek shining alongside Maribel Nadal in the Padel For the Cure by Komen Italia.

The Expo also shone a light on the significance of inclusion in sports. The final stages of the Inclusive Padel Tour, dedicated to athletes with motor disabilities, were a testament to the sport’s universal appeal. Enrico Rescaldina and Cristian Scandroglio claimed victory, embodying the spirit of perseverance and strength.

Original image from Marco Oddino/The Padel Trend Expo

Director General Luigi Spera couldn’t hide his satisfaction, stating, “We are thrilled with this second edition, both for the growth in numbers and, above all, for the quality of the visitors… The audience, exhibitors, and sponsors, whom I thank once again, along with FITP and the Municipality of Milan, fully embraced the spirit of our initiative, which encourages us to do even better in the future.”

Padel Trend Expo has once again proven that the world of Padel is a tapestry of diverse threads, weaving together sport, community, and culture.

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