Padel Tennis Vocabulary – Glossary of Key Spanish Words, Terms, Shots, and Insights

September 7, 2023

If you’re new to padel tennis or simply intrigued by this fast-growing and exciting sport, you’re in for a treat. Padel, a game with Spanish flair and a smile, has its own unique language that adds to its charm. Invented in Mexico in 1969, padel is now considered one of the world’s fastest-growing sports and may even become an Olympic sport by 2028.

Professional padel is dominated by Spanish players, and the sport’s heart beats strongest in Spain and Argentina. However, as more courts pop up around the world, we’re seeing emerging talent from countries like the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. The possibility of mixed doubles becoming a thing in padel is an exciting prospect. Regardless of your language on the court, communication with your partner is key, and it’s something we should all focus on.

Now, let’s dive into the vocabulary of padel tennis. Padel, pronounced “pá-del” in Spanish, has its own unique terms that provide insights into the specific shots and nuances of the game. Here’s a breakdown of some essential terms:

Padel Strokes:

  • El Globo – The Lob: A crucial shot in padel used to unsettle opponents at the net. Unlike in lawn tennis, where the lob is a last resort, in padel, it can help you regain control of the net. Practice this one!
  • La Salida de Pared – Retrieving off the Walls: Mastering the use of walls to retrieve the ball is fundamental in padel. The wall can be your best friend, especially if you’re familiar with squash or real tennis.
  • La Chiquita – The Dink: A counterintuitive shot that can be highly effective when opponents are positioned a bit back from the net. It’s a good strategy to regain control.
  • La Bajada – The Shoulder-Height Drive: A shot used after a lob that sits up after bouncing off the back wall. Rush back to the wall to get in position for this one.
  • La Contrapared – The Wall Hitting: This shot involves hitting the ball against your backwall, often resulting in a rising lob. It’s a technical shot that deserves practice.
  • El Bloqueo – The Block Volley: Used for defense against hard drives from the back of the court. Maintaining the right ready position is crucial.
  • La Dejada – The Drop Shot: Reserved for advanced players, this shot is executed off the volley.
  • La Cuchilla – The Knife Shot: Perfected by pro player Paquito Navarro, this shot combines elements of a bajada and vibora to create side spin and make it harder to retrieve off the back wall.
  • El Chancletazo – The Slap Shot: A quick, hard, and flat strike used to catch opponents off guard when they are at the back of the court.
  • La Salida (de Pista) – The Dash Outside the Court: This daring move involves rushing outside the court to retrieve a smash that has bounced out. Watch out for those knees and elbows!

Focus on Your Overhead Options:

One unique aspect of padel is the variety of options available for overhead shots. These decisions require quick thinking and execution:

  • El Amago (de Remate) – The Fake Smash: A deceptive shot where you set up for a smash but execute a dink instead, catching opponents off guard.
  • La Bandeja – The “Tray” Shot: An overhead shot that doesn’t exist in other racket sports, it involves cutting the ball on the lower side and striking it at shoulder height.
  • El Gancho – The Hook Shot: A softer overhead shot used to buy time and maintain position at the net.
  •  El Remate – The Smash: Whether topspin or flat, the smash is a high-level shot that requires precise aim.
  • El Rulo (A la Verja) – The Rollover Shot: A left-sided shot for right-handers aimed at brushing the ball into the side netting.
  • La Víbora – The Snake Shot: An overhead shot with a different trajectory, typically hit with more aggression.

Padel Effects, Trick Shots, and Expressions:

  • El Bloqueo – The Block: Staying firm at the net to block a smash or bajada.
  • El Cadete – The Younger: A behind-the-back shot used as a last resort when the ball is on your forehand side.
  • La Chiquita – The “Small One”: A shot to dink the ball over the net, used to force opponents off the net or create half-volley opportunities.
  • Con Todo – With All Your Might: Hitting the ball with full power.
  • La Contrapared – The Wall Hitting: A defensive shot, often a lob, used to reset the point.
  • La Dormiloña – Putting the Ball to Sleep: A shot that makes the ball die on the other side of the net.
  • Por 3 – By Three: An overhead smash that goes out of the court over the side wall after hitting the back wall.
  • Por 4 – By Four: An overhead shot that bounces out of the court directly after hitting the ground, often going over the back wall.
  • Sin Fallo – Without Error: Focus on avoiding simple mistakes rather than risky shots.
  • La Tontona – The Silly One: A deceptive overhead shot directed to your non-dominant side.
  • Valiente – Brave: A callout for a player with the courage to go for a big smash.
  • El Willy – The Tweener: A shot hit between the legs, usually facing the net but sometimes used when facing the wall.


  • El Rincón – The Corner.
  • La Pared (El Cristal) – The Wall (often made of glass in modern courts).
  • La Reja or La Verja – The Side Netting.
  • La Red – The Net.
  • El Pico – The Intersection where the wire netting meets the wall/glass.

Basic Rules of Thumb:

  • Minimize errors to win the game.
  • Control the net to score points.
  • Aim most shots down the middle to reduce risk.
  • Include lobs in your shots from the back.
  • Utilize the walls at the back for retrieval and strategy.
  • Consider serve formations carefully, and switch sides if needed.
  • With a left-handed partner, let them take the right-hand side.
  • In a right-handed team, the stronger player often plays on the left, while the more consistent player takes the right.

Now that you’ve got a grasp of the padel tennis vocabulary, you’re ready to step onto the court with confidence and enjoy this exhilarating sport!

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