Padel Takes on the Design District with Reserve’s Chic Pop-Up Experience

April 22, 2024

Founder and CEO Wayne Boich shares his excitement about the sport’s burgeoning popularity, noting, “Padel’s success comes from how quickly people feel athletic and engaged. It’s action-packed and fosters a strong sense of community.” This new Miami location is all about enhancing that community feel in a stylish setting.

For those new to the sport, padel combines elements of tennis and squash, played on an enclosed court that’s smaller than a doubles tennis court, with walls that players can use to their strategic advantage. The game is played primarily doubles, making for dynamic and lengthy rallies that are both challenging and exhilarating.

Reserve Padel is recognized as a premier luxury lifestyle padel brand in the U.S. Following its successful Miami Seaplane Base venue with upscale amenities, Reserve Padel hosted the esteemed Reserve Cup, drawing top global players. Its expansion continues with the recent opening in New York’s Hudson Yards and planned new sites in North Miami, Austin, Texas, and another in New York City.

The Design District pop-up features three glass-enclosed courts and a pro shop, available exclusively to Reserve members. While membership details are selective, Boich hints at a welcoming approach in the first month, encouraging potential members to experience the courts. This pop-up venue is confirmed through the end of the year, with potential plans to extend.

Wayne Boich encourages everyone to give Padel a try, emphasizing its accessibility and the quick learning curve, “You just have to get on the court, and you’ll see it’s very easy and very fun to pick up.”

As Padel continues to sweep through Miami and beyond, Reserve Padel at the Design District stands out as a chic, vibrant spot to experience the best of luxury sports lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to connect, compete, or just have fun, this new venue promises to be the city’s next great social and sporting destination.

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