Padel Takes Center Stage in Hollywood with New Facility

January 17, 2024

This ambitious venture, spearheaded by Miami-based Bluevis LLC under the guidance of tennis player Salomon Arce Lema, is taking over a space formerly owned by the Father M.F. Monahan Home Association, a Catholic fraternal service organization, previously known as the Knights of Columbus Council. The deal, sealed at $4.6 million in November, is set to transform the 7,828-square-foot event hall, originally built in 1968, into a Padel enthusiast’s dream.

Image from the South Florida Business Journal

The proposal, which is currently on the table for the city’s Technical Advisory Committee’s consideration on January 22, outlines an impressive setup. It includes seven outdoor padel courts, three covered courts, and a revamped building featuring a dining area, kitchen, lounge, pro shop, and game tables. Plus, there’ll be ample parking with 56 spaces available.

Ismael Fernandez of Weston-based Padel Essentials, lending a hand in establishing the club, shares that the development will roll out in two phases. The initial focus will be on getting the padel courts and restrooms up and running, followed by the renovation of the building to include all the additional amenities. The architectural magic is being woven by Miami-based 3 Design Architecture.

Image from the South Florida Business Journal

Fernandez points out the growing appetite for Padel in Broward County, mirroring the sport’s skyrocketing global popularity since its inception in Mexico in 1969. While Miami has seen a rise in for-profit padel clubs, Broward County’s padel scene has been more modest, with Padel Life & Soccer in Hallandale Beach currently leading the charge with just three courts. Unlike pickleball, free public Padel courts are a rarity in South Florida.

Padel Hollywood is set to change that narrative, bringing a fresh wave of energy and accessibility to Padel in the region. This news, courtesy of the South Florida Business Journal, marks an exciting chapter not just for Hollywood, Florida, but for Padel enthusiasts across the state. Stay tuned as we track the progress of this groundbreaking project!

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