Padel Powerhouses: USPA Unveils November Rankings!

November 9, 2023

These rankings are a culmination of 12 months of intense competition in USPA-sanctioned tournaments, serving as a testament to players’ skills and playing a pivotal role in the selection of athletes for the esteemed USPA national teams.

Open Men’s Division: In an exciting turn of events, the top spot in the Open Men’s division sees a remarkable tie between Luis Estrada and Nicholas Agritelley, both reigning supreme as joint number 1. Their competitive spirits are closely pursued by Peter Alonso, securing third place, while Jacobo Blanco and Fernando Alarcon clinch the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

Open Women’s Division: The Open Women’s Division showcases sheer talent, with Egle Petrauskaite leading the charge in first place, followed closely by Jordana Lujan in second. Nancy Dingwall, Astrid Gehre, and Marta Morga Alonso round off the top five, embodying the spirit of fierce competition and unwavering dedication.

These rankings echo the heartbeat of the national circuit, offering a vivid snapshot of players’ achievements and prominence in the sport. Beyond individual accolades, these rankings hold the key to national team selections, shaping the future of padel in the United States.

Crucially, the world of padel thrives on the support of dedicated sponsors. Padel Haus, Padel Lux, and VanEck stand as pillars of strength, championing the USPA National Teams and actively contributing to the evolution of Padel across the nation.

Are you curious to explore the full rankings and dive deeper into the captivating world of Padel? Look no further than the USPA website at Here, enthusiasts can gain invaluable insights into the circuit, discover player standings, and stay updated on the pulse-pounding excitement of upcoming tournaments. Get ready to witness the magic unfold, one match at a time!

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