Padel Meets Prestige: P1 Las Vegas Open Elite Sponsor Lineup

May 13, 2024

The P1 Padel Las Vegas Open, scheduled for May 17-19, 2024, at 1876 S Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, promises to be a premier event, blending thrilling sports action with dynamic entertainment. Hosted by P1 Padel, the tournament has secured a robust lineup of sponsors, each adding unique value to the experience.

Leading the sponsorship is Playbypoint, offering a streamlined, all-in-one booking solution that enriches customer interactions. Slazenger Padel, with over a century of racket sports heritage, is the official ball supplier, ensuring top-quality equipment for the games. Refreshments will be provided by Estrella Galicia, emphasizing their long-standing support for Padel.

Other key sponsors include Nox Sports USA, now expanding its presence in the American market, and Osaka World, which will be outfitting players with the official tournament shirts. Escapology adds a fun twist with its escape room challenges, while Padel Travel Club offers unique travel experiences centered around Padel.

Preparing for the P1 Las Vegas Open

Sportsfield Specialties will showcase their advanced Padel construction solutions at the event. Additionally, will feature its AI-powered sports camera systems to capture compelling game moments.

The Discovery Museum of Las Vegas and Mezcla, as community partners, will help extend the event’s reach and inclusivity, ensuring it resonates well with residents and visitors alike.

The Las Vegas Open is set to not only showcase top-tier Padel talent competing for record USPA prize money but also offer attendees an immersive experience thanks to the contribution of these diverse sponsors. For those interested in experiencing this blend of competitive padel and innovative entertainment, tickets are still available at P1 Padel Las Vegas Open Tickets.

For additional details about the event and sponsorship opportunities, contact This event is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in the sports calendar, promising unforgettable experiences for all involved.
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The P1 Padel Las Vegas Open, a USPA Major event held from May 17-19, 2024, was a thrilling spectacle and a highlight of the year in the padel community. Hosted by P1 Padel at its flagship club, this event brought together top talent and elite sponsors, creating a unique blend of entertainment, innovation, and competition.
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