Padel Haus Serves Up a New Sporting Destination in South Nashville

January 29, 2024

Santiago Gomez, the visionary founder and CEO of Padel Haus, is excited about this expansion. “Nashville has undergone a real renaissance in recent years,” he notes, drawing parallels between the city’s dynamic growth and the burgeoning popularity of Padel in New York City. Gomez believes that Nashville’s creative pulse and trendsetting nature make it the perfect locale for its first out-of-market location. “The fact that we are first to market gives us a competitive advantage and an interesting challenge ahead,” he adds.

Padel, often compared to pickleball, is played on a court smaller than traditional tennis, but with a unique twist – it’s enclosed, allowing players to use the walls to keep the ball in play. The Nashville Padel Haus is set to house eight indoor courts, alongside a plethora of amenities including Juice Haus, a juice bar, modern locker rooms, rain showers, a rock climbing wall, a playground, coworking spaces, and lounges – a true haven for sports and leisure enthusiasts.

The new club will be a part of Penske Media Corp.’s ambitious 4.25-acre industrial redevelopment, which boasts over 450 residential units and 15,000 square feet of retail space. Since its inception in July 2022 in New York City’s Williamsburg neighborhood, Padel Haus has rapidly expanded, with a third NYC location slated to open in October 2024.

The South Nashville area is also set to welcome other sports-related clubs, including Larks Shuffleboard Club and The Hideout Golf Club, contributing to the city’s vibrant sports culture.

Read the full report at The Nashville Business Journal.

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