North American Results Roundup Oct 23, 2023

October 23, 2023

RedPadel Open – The Sports Haus Connecticut

Division 1

Winners – Juan Arraya & Enrique Rodriguez

Runners-up – Nicolás Palomeque & Maximiliano Rozas

Division 2

Winners – Eduardo Diverio & Josh Silverstein

Runners-up – Enrique Flores & Jose Sierra

USPA 250 – RCW Padel Open

Division 1

Winners – Mateo Coles & Moose Bayoumy

Runners-up – Tales Cunha Dos Santos Silva & Peter Dewitt

Division 2

Winners – Ed Conway & Ben Zink

Runners-up – Jared Howat & Andrew Clark

Real Padel Miami – USPA 100

Division 1 (Male)

Winners – Nicolas Clerc & Raul Ruiz

Runners-up – Gonzalo Trapote & Gian Vallazza

Division 2 (Male)

Winners – Hernan Mutti & Jorge Pereyra

Runners-up – Ruben Ruiz Angullo & Jared Finkelstein

Division 1 (Female)

Winners – Jordi Lujan & Egle Petrauskaite

Runners-up – Maria Magraner Grau & Anna Cortiles Tapia

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