North American Results Roundup Nov 05, 2023

November 6, 2023

In a whirlwind of racquet-smashing action, the iPadel USPA 1000 tournament in Houston, TX, and the TAKTIKA PADEL USPA 500 event in San Diego recently crowned their champions!

In the fierce Division 1 (Men) category at iPadel, the dynamic duo of Luis Estrada & Nico Agritelley claimed victory, outshining their rivals Fernando Alarcón & Guillermo Jiménez Cagigas. Alarcón & Jiménez Cagigas from Ultra Padel club in Miami put up an intense fight, eventually losing 6-4 in the third set. Estrada & Agritelley, fresh off a strong performance at the A1 in NYC had a challenging road to the final, being pushed to a third set in their first-round match by Will Agritelley and Juan Pablo Grassi Mazzuchi. Meanwhile, in Division 2 (Men), the unstoppable Matt Hansen & Maurice Russo took the top spot, triumphing over Santiago Gomez & Diego Leal. It was great to see Mr Padel Haus, Santiago Gomez traveling cross country to support fellow Padel clubs. In the Division 1 (Women) category, Egle Petrauskaite & Jordi Lujan took home the gold against Nancy Dingwall & Daniela Ruiz Alvarez in an epic showdown. The women’s draw was absolutely stacked, with seven of the top eleven ranked ladies competing. The win marks the fifth victory in a row as a team for Petrauskaite & Lujan after they joined forces midyear.

Over at TAKTIKA PADEL in San Diego, Sebastian Castaneda & Elliot Carnello emerged victorious in Division 1 (Men), showcasing unmatched skills. The duo of Laura Higueras & Mariluz Rojo Domingo dominated Division 1 (Women), leaving spectators in awe of their prowess on the court. The electrifying mixed doubles match saw Marta Morga Alonso & Sebastian Castaneda securing their triumph, proving once again that Padel is not just a game; it’s a thrilling spectacle of talent and teamwork! Stay tuned for more exhilarating Padel updates! 🎾✨

IPADEL Houston, TX – USPA 1000 (November 3-5)

Division 1 (Men)

Winners – Luis Estrada & Nico Agritelley

Runners-up – Fernando Alarcón & Guillermo Jiménez Cagigas

Division 2 (Men)

Winners – Matt Hansen & Maurice Russo

Runners-up – Santiago Gomez & Diego Leal

Division 1 (Women)

Winners – Egle Petrauskaite & Jordi Lujan

Runners-up – Nancy Dingwall & Daniela Ruiz Alvarez

Division 2 (Women)

Winners – Amy Crouser & Åsa Maria Algard

Runners-up – Claudia Mollerup-Madsen & Debbie Ladig


Division 1 (Men)

Winners – Sebastian Castaneda & Elliot Carnello

Runners-up – Alasdair Owers-Bradley  & Kashyap Ashok

Division 2 (Men)

Winners – Kashyap Ashok & Daniel Koehler

Runners-up – Jorge Villagra & Amir Palmen

Division 1 (Women)

Winners – Laura Higueras & Mariluz Rojo Domingo

Runners-up – Ángela Verónica Ortega Sabido & Marta Morga Alonso

Division 1 (Mixed)

Winners – Marta Morga Alonso & Sebastian Castaneda

Runners-up – Laura Higueras & William Wiseman

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