Motorola Takes Center Court at A1 Padel Tournament

October 9, 2023

Game, set, match! Motorola is diving headfirst into the exciting world of padel tennis, and we’re here for it. The tech giant has teamed up with A1 Padel to become the official telecommunications hardware provider for the Grand Master Tournament Circuit, making a grand entrance into the US sports scene.

Hold onto your racquets, folks! The weeklong Grand Master Tournament is set to dazzle New York City from October 9th to 15th, kicking off a padel frenzy that’s bound to grip the nation. But that’s not all – A1 Padel’s tour will continue its epic journey, touching down in Miami from November 7th to 12th and then hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas for the Master Final from December 13th to 17th.

Now, why is Motorola joining this racquet revolution? Simple – to introduce padel, the fastest growing participation sport globally, to the passionate sports fans in the US. As the Official Telecommunications Partner of A1 Padel, Motorola is not just a sponsor; they’re becoming a part of the padel experience.

At each match venue, Motorola will create a buzzing hotspot for fans. Need a charge for your phone? They’ve got you covered. Fancy testing your own racquet skills in a ping pong match? Game on! Plus, you can get hands-on with Motorola’s latest Razr family devices, experiencing cutting-edge tech right in the midst of all the sporting action.

So, if you’re ready to serve up some fun, charge your excitement, and experience the thrill of padel tennis, Motorola and A1 Padel have your ticket to court-side excitement. Get ready to rally, America – padel is here, and it’s here to stay!

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