Miami’s First Anti-Hurricane Padel Court: Where Panorama Meets Protection

November 28, 2023

With climate change cranking up the heat, extreme weather events like hurricanes are becoming the new norm. Miami knows this all too well, having seen the devastating effects of Hurricane Ciaran at the Island Padel Jersey Padel Club. That’s why Padelgest is making a splash with a court that not only weathers the storm but does it with style.

Scientists are waving the red flag for coastal communities, especially in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic coast of the United States. The message is clear: prepare for more intense hurricanes. Padelgest took this warning seriously and decided it was time for the world’s first anti-hurricane padel court.

Building a structure that laughs in the face of 125mph winds isn’t child’s play. Padelgest, armed with a crack team of engineers and a ton of experience, dove into the challenge. The result? The first padel court resistant to winds of 180 miles per hour. But wait, there’s more. They didn’t just stop at resilience; they crafted an innovative design that retains the beloved panoramic view of professional padel courts.

In September, Padelgest accomplished what many thought impossible. They installed the first 100% panoramic anti-hurricane certified padel court right in the heart of Miami, Florida. No need to panic during a tropical storm—this court doesn’t require the removal of glass panels. It’s a game-changer, literally.

This isn’t just a court; it’s a statement. Padelgest is looking to the future, considering not only design but also functionality in a world that’s constantly evolving. The goal? Enhance the quality of play and ensure the safety of every padel player. It’s not just the best super panoramic court in the market; it’s now the only anti-hurricane one.

Padelgest isn’t your average court creator; it’s a Catalan factory based in Barcelona, Spain, that’s been turning heads since 2003. The brainchild of Sergi Estupiña, Padelgest controls the entire manufacturing process, ensuring top-notch quality. With a resume that includes courts for elite athletes, Hollywood stars, and even Arab royalty, Padelgest is the go-to for anyone serious about the game.

This isn’t just a court for the present; it’s a court for the future. Miami, get ready to play padel like never before—come rain or shine, this court is here to stay! 🎾🌪️

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