Miami Beach Could Soon Serve Aces with New Padel Court

November 1, 2023

Miami Beach’s northern side might soon become the hotspot for paddle enthusiasts, as plans for a brand-new Padel court on Normandy Isle are making waves. Buckle up, sports aficionados, because this is about to bring a whole new level of excitement to the city.

On November 13, the city’s Design Review Board will dive into the details of a vibrant project proposed for 1960 Normandy Drive. Picture this: a 25,771-square-foot canvas waiting to be transformed. Currently, it’s just a parking lot with a few small utility buildings, but Padel Point Miami LLC, led by the dynamic duo Sebastian Romero and Karina Riskin, is ready to turn it into a sports haven.

Under the visionary plans, the site is set to host not one, not two, but five outdoor Padel courts, each surrounded by sturdy fencing and illuminated for those thrilling night games. Imagine the energy under those lights! Plus, there’ll be a charming reception building, convenient bathrooms, and seven parking spots to accommodate enthusiasts flocking to this new sporting gem.

Romero, brimming with passion for the game, envisions a hub of activity. Padel classes, tournaments, clinics, and matches are all on the cards. And here’s the kicker: he’s driven by his love for the sport. Currently clocking in 40-minute round trips from Miami Beach just to play Padel, Romero’s determination shines through. According to him, enriching the city with diverse sports activities is the key to fostering growth and community spirit.

But, there’s a little twist in the tale. The developer is seeking some variances from the city – a bit of flexibility in fence height, setbacks, and accessory lighting fixtures, all to ensure the perfect Padel experience.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Padel, born in Mexico in 1969, has become a global sensation, especially in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. With its popularity soaring, Miami is catching the Padel fever, and this new court is set to add another exhilarating chapter to the city’s sporting legacy.

Get ready, Miami Beach! The court is set, and the game is about to begin. Time to rally, smash, and ace your way into the heart of this thrilling new sports venture! 🎾✨

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