Meet the Game Changers! USPA’s 2024 Board and Their Vision for Padel

January 17, 2024

Meet the 2024 Board of Directors – a dynamic mix of three seasoned and five new members, each bringing unique insights and ideas to ramp up Padel across America. This group’s diversity is not just in their fresh ideas but also geographically, with two directors from each of the USPA’s four regions.

Leading the pack is Martin Sweeney, USPA President, a Padel enthusiast since 2009 and the pioneer behind Las Vegas’s first Padel club. Sid Newcomb, with his extensive racquet sports background, steps in as the Secretary. Joining them are Gabriel Perez Krieb, a business leader and San Diego’s first Padel club founder; Alison Withers, bringing her hospitality and executive management expertise; Bill Ullman, a board veteran and key player in securing sponsors for Team USA; Gabriel Sanchez Iniesta and Ron Bobman, both seasoned professionals and dedicated Padel players; and Nicolas Clerc, a top-ranked player known for his extensive participation in USPA tournaments.

The USPA extends heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing board members, whose tireless efforts have solidified the foundation for Padel’s growth in the USA. With this new board, the USPA is buzzing with optimism. They’re all set to make significant strides in player development, tournament structures, and unifying the Padel community. Stay tuned and connected with the USPA as they embark on this thrilling journey, shaping the Padel landscape in the USA like never before. Find out more about their upcoming initiatives at

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