Historic First: Vote for Your New Board Members

December 15, 2023

This year, ten distinguished candidates have stepped forward, ready to commit their experience and passion for padel to the service of our community. These individuals are vying for four open positions on the Board to serve a two-year term, and now it’s your turn to make your voice heard. To learn about the candidates, click here. 

In line with our newly adopted bylaws, each prospective board member must have served on a USPA committee before standing for election. This ensures that all candidates have demonstrated their commitment and have a deep understanding of our organization’s workings.

All current USPA members are eligible to participate in the election. Please check the email registered with your USPA membership; you will find a voting form waiting for your input. It’s your opportunity to help steer the direction of USPA and, by extension, the sport of padel in our country.

Remember, the voting window is limited. You have until December 14th, 9 AM Central Time, to submit your ballot. This is more than just marking a name on a form; it’s about actively participating in a historic moment for USPA.

Should you encounter any issues with the voting process or have not received your voting form, please contact info@padelusa.org. Our team is ready to assist you to ensure your vote is counted.

We are on the cusp of something truly special—a new era for the USPA characterized by greater member involvement and decision-making transparency. Your vote isn’t just about choosing board members; it’s a declaration of your support for the growth and integrity of Padel in the USA.

So, let’s come together, cast our votes, and build a future for USPA that reflects our shared values and vision for the sport of Padel.

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