Get Ready, NYC! Padel Fever is About to Hit the Big Apple

October 9, 2023

Hold onto your rackets, New Yorkers, because the padel storm is about to sweep through the city that never sleeps! Move over pickleball, there’s a new player in town, and it’s making its grand debut in the heart of New York City next week.

A1 Padel’s Grand Master Tournament: The Epic Showdown

Picture this: the iconic Wollman Rink in Central Park transforms into the battleground for the A1 Padel’s Grand Master Tournament from October 9th to 15th. Pro padel players, ready to unleash their skills, will compete in a thrilling series of matches from day to night, giving you a front-row seat to the action-packed showdown! And yes, you read that right – evening sessions under the shimmering city lights!

Mark Your Calendars: Game On!

Here’s the lowdown on the tournament schedule:

  • October 9: Dive into the excitement with six first-round matches!
  • October 10: The heat continues with five more intense matches.
  • October 11: Brace yourselves for another five electrifying first-round matches.
  • October 12: Round two kicks off with eight heart-pounding matches.
  • October 13: The stakes get higher with four epic quarterfinals.
  • October 14: Feel the adrenaline in the air with two nail-biting semifinals.
  • October 15: It’s the grand finale! Who will emerge as the ultimate champion?

Ticket Alert: Your Pass to Padel Paradise

Want to witness this historic moment in the world of padel? Tickets are your golden ticket to the spectacle! Prices range from $25 to $300, offering options for every fan’s budget. Hurry, grab your tickets from the tournament’s site before they vanish into thin air. And guess what? ESPN will be beaming all the padel action straight to your screens!

Padel Fever: It’s Contagious

While padel might be making waves in the US, it’s already a global sensation, with a whopping 10 million enthusiasts either playing or following the sport in the country. To put it in perspective, that’s even more than in the padel-loving nation of Spain, where six million players reside!

NYC, Are You Ready to Padel? Let the Games Begin!

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