Game of Splits: Verónica Virseda and Claudia Jensen Part Ways in Padel Shake-Up

January 2, 2024

Virseda and Jensen joined forces back in June, injecting a burst of energy into the women’s class. Their partnership saw them reaching the semi-finals multiple times, leaving an indelible mark on the circuit.

However, as the season concludes, so does their on-court collaboration. Verónica Virseda took to Instagram to share the news, emphasizing her respect for the decision-making process. In her post, she acknowledged the individuality within the team dynamic, stating, “I wanted to share that Claudia and I will not continue next season. I respect the decision, as I have always said that despite being a team sport, we are still players, with individual feelings and motivations. Thank you Clau for all the great moments we have shared, I am sure you have a great future ahead of you.”

Photo from Verónica Virseda’s Instagram

Claudia Jensen echoed the sentiment, expressing gratitude for the time spent together. In her announcement, she said, “I wanted to tell you that Vero and I will no longer play together. Thank you Verito for this time, I enjoyed so much by your side, I wish you the best in whatever is ahead of you.”

The players’ heartfelt words add depth to the unfolding story of splits in the Padel world. The announcement adds to the recent string of separations, including Aranza Osoro and Jessica Castello. As the Padel world anticipates the upcoming season, eyes are peeled to see how player dynamics evolve, wondering if there will be a reshuffling of pairs among the talented athletes. Stay tuned for more updates from the Padel court!

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