From Politics to Padel: Ivanka Trump’s Sporty Miami Adventure

September 29, 2023

Ivanka Trump, the former first daughter, didn’t just make waves in politics; she’s also making quite a splash in the world of sports. This past weekend, she dazzled us with her prowess on the padel court in sunny Miami, and she didn’t miss a beat!

Taking to her Instagram stories, Ivanka treated her followers to a glimpse of her action-packed day at Reserve Padel in Miami. The 41-year-old mom-of-three showed off her athletic side as she gracefully maneuvered the sun-soaked court by the waterside.

In her snapshots (which have since disappeared, thanks to the fleeting nature of Instagram stories), Ivanka rocked a vibrant blue mini dress, paired with classic white socks and trainers. Her blonde locks were elegantly tied back in a low ponytail, cleverly tucked under a sporty white baseball cap.

With a healthy tan to boot, Ivanka lunged across the court’s artificial grass, wielding her trusty padel racquet. Now, if you’re not familiar with padel, it’s a sport of Mexican origin that shares a scoring system with tennis but boasts its own unique set of rules, strokes, and techniques.

Ivanka’s newfound passion for padel led her to Reserve Padel, a club that prides itself on being “reserved for the athlete who makes sport a lifestyle,” according to its website.

But Ivanka’s recent athletic exploits don’t stop there. Back in August, she showcased her impressive batting skills by hitting the cages with the New York Mets. In a clip she shared, Ivanka confidently smacked balls off a tee alongside players Pete Alonso and Brandon Nimmo. And here’s the kicker: while the players rocked athletic gear, Ivanka went for a more fashion-forward approach, sporting a black, strappy sun dress and heeled platform sandals as she effortlessly sent those balls flying.

Surf’s up! Ivanka also turned her attention to the waves during an action-packed Labor Day weekend, riding the surf off the coast of Miami Beach. She even shared a clip of her oceanic adventures, flashing a radiant smile with her seven-year-old son, Theo, watching from the boat.

And just before her recent athletic escapades, Ivanka celebrated Yom Kippur with her family. Although she was raised Christian, she converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 to marry Jared Kushner. They’re now raising their three children—Arabella Rose, 11, Joseph, nine, and Theodore, seven—in the same faith.

In the world of Ivanka Trump, there’s a delightful blend of sports, family, and faith, and she’s sharing it all with her Instagram followers. So, whether she’s smashing balls on the padel court or catching waves in Miami, Ivanka continues to inspire us with her zest for life.

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