F1’s Love Of Padel Lights Up Las Vegas With P1’s Pre-Race Party!

November 12, 2023

🏆 Skills, Thrills, and Chills! Get Ready for the Padel Showdown!

Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and team play Padel. Photo courtesy of Max Verstappen Twitter

In a surprising revelation, F1 drivers have been engaging in fierce Padel battles off the track. The recent viral ‘Padel Date’ featuring Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen has set the internet ablaze, showcasing the sport’s popularity among these racing legends.

🌟 Max Verstappen’s Padel Dominance!

Photo courtesy of Max Verstappen Twitter

Max Verstappen’s love for Padel isn’t just recreational; it’s a secret weapon behind his dominant 2023 season. The sport keeps him fired up, focused, and in peak physical shape. Even during a casual Padel match, his competitive spirit shines through, as Christian Horner, Team Principal of the Red Bull Formula One team revealed, “He was properly fired up (while playing Padel) and said afterwards about his next race: ‘I want to win the race by 20 seconds.'”

🎾 F1’s Unbreakable Love Affair with Padel!

Photo courtesy of Max Verstappen Twitter

Even amidst the intense competition in Italy, F1 drivers found time for a friendly Padel match at Tennis Padel Sun in Beausoleil, Italy. Lando Norris shared his excitement, “We had fun like crazy. It’s quite common to see the nervousness skyrocket during a game, but despite everything, it was an extremely pleasant experience.”

🎉 Join the Party at P1 Padel!

As the F1 madness takes over Las Vegas, immerse yourself in the Padel frenzy at P1 Padel’s Pre-Race Party. Don’t miss the chance to witness skills, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of Padel as F1 drivers prepare for a different kind of race! Register today and be part of the action.

Like you, we’re left wondering if any of the F1 drivers will be at P1 this week to showcase their skills…🏁🎾

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