Exciting Investment Alert: Daily Mail Publisher Joins the Game!

October 16, 2023

Hold onto your rackets because the world of Padel just got a star-studded upgrade! DMG Ventures, the venture capital arm of Daily Mail publisher DMGT, has jumped into the padel frenzy by investing a cool $1 million in Hexagon Cup. This Madrid-based padel competition, set to launch next year, is making waves with its innovative format involving six franchise teams, each owned by global celebrities.

Padel has been spreading like wildfire outside its traditional strongholds in Spain and Latin America, is now turning heads worldwide. The pandemic turbocharged its popularity, with an estimated $2 billion industry set to triple in the next three years. Deloitte predicts a padel court explosion, with global numbers soaring to 80,000 by 2026, and the US alone expected to boast 30,000 courts by the end of the decade!

But here’s where it gets exciting. Hexagon Cup isn’t just another tournament; it’s a game-changer. Imagine world-famous celebs battling it out on the padel court – yes, you read that right! The likes of Tom Brady, Virat Kohli, Rafael Nadal, and Steve Aoki are all in the game, adding their star power to this electrifying event.

DMG Ventures, recognizing the enormous potential of professional padel, decided to play in the big leagues. While clubs have been popping up across the globe, Hexagon Cup promises a thrilling professional arena. Despite an expected loss in year one, Hexagon Cup is geared up to be a profit-making sensation by year two, with anticipated margins crossing a whopping 40% in the long run.

So, padel enthusiasts, get ready to witness the racquet revolution! With celebrities, investment giants, and sports lovers joining forces, the padel world is about to serve up some major excitement. Stay tuned for a smash hit! 🎾✨

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