November 23, 2023

Eva Longoria, the powerhouse behind the iconic Desperate Housewives, is not just a force on the silver screen; she’s taking her game to the padel court. Meet ElevenElevenTeamUSA, the franchise she’s launching to conquer the Hexagon Cup in January and February 2024. Move over, Hollywood; there’s a new show in town, and it’s happening on the padel court.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

Longoria joins an illustrious lineup of sports and entertainment royalty in the Hexagon Cup. Padel pros Alejandra Salazar and Paquito Navarro, tennis titans Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, and football maestro Robert Lewandowski are all team owners, turning the Hexagon Cup into the ultimate celebrity showdown.

Photo Courtesy of Hexagon Cup Instagram

While we’re used to seeing Eva Longoria light up the screen, she’s no stranger to the sports mogul game. Longoria’s sporting investments extend beyond the padel court, with stakes in NWSL side Angel City FC, Liga MX outfit Necaxa FC, and even a team in the rising sport of pickleball. Talk about a diversified sports portfolio!

In this padel-powered venture, Longoria has teamed up with the renowned US padel professional Dani Homedés. Homedés, the brain behind Dara Sports and owner of the Wynwood Padel Club in Miami, brings his expertise to elevate ElevenElevenTeamUSA to new heights. Get ready for a powerhouse combo!

As the Hexagon Cup fever takes hold, Eva Longoria is proving that Hollywood glamour can seamlessly blend with the fast-paced, exhilarating world of padel. Will ElevenElevenTeamUSA steal the show? We’ll be watching, and you should too. Hollywood meets Padel – it’s a match made in celebrity sports heaven!

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