Energizing Richmond: The Hydro Plant’s New Life as a Cutting-Edge Padel Venue

February 1, 2024

The 124-year-old building will house approximately half a dozen padel courts, alongside a few pickleball courts and a food-and-beverage concept. Padel, a dynamic cross between tennis and squash, features turf courts enclosed in glass walls, allowing for off-the-wall play. “The biggest difference is that it can be played off the wall. That adds another dimension to the game and makes it a whole lot more dynamic,” said Samuel Nordheimer, associate at Nordheimer Cos.

The majority of Padel Plant’s courts will be nestled within the 19,000-square-foot plant structure, with a couple of outdoor options also planned. All pickleball courts, however, will be indoor. This new venue marks a unique chapter for Nordheimer Cos., which traditionally focuses on multifamily properties in D.C., and Thalhimer Realty Partners, who manage the Chevrolet factory-turned-apartment complex owned by Nordheimer.

The idea for Padel Plant was born from the Nordheimer brothers’ passion for padel, culminating in their “eureka” moment upon discovering the hydro plant. “We feel we have the perfect use for a very unique building,” added TRP principal Drew Wiltshire.

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Located along Richmond’s Canal Walk, the hydro plant, built over 50 years ago and long since decommissioned, is part of the Shockoe Slip Historic District. The retrofitting of the plant into Padel Plant will maintain the building’s historical integrity while introducing a modern sports and social hub to the area.

The project, designed by Walter Parks Architects, is set to commence construction this spring and open in the summer. The developers are also committed to preserving the building’s iconic murals, seeing them as an asset to the project.

Padel Plant aims to operate as a club offering memberships with perks, yet remaining open to the public. “We’re planning to make (padel) more accessible and we want to make this almost like a social hub for the Canal Walk to really bring life back to it,” stated Samuel Nordheimer.

This innovative project not only promises to introduce the thrilling sport of padel to a wider audience but also revitalizes a historic site, blending the past with the future of leisure and sport. For more information on this transformative project, visit richmondbizsense.com.

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