Dubai Gears Up for an Inclusive Padel Tournament

November 15, 2023

In a groundbreaking debut in the UAE, Inspiratus Sports Direct (ISD) Padel in Dubai’s Sports City will welcome 20 athletes of determination alongside 20 able-bodied athletes from around the world on November 18. This event is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of inclusivity in sports.

The brainchild behind this exceptional tournament is none other than Italian Alessandro Ossola, chairman of the Bionic People Association and a paralympic athlete of the Italian National Athletics Team. Ossola, who lost his left leg in a bike accident in 2015, walks, runs, and engages in sports with the help of a prosthesis. His vision is clear – a more inclusive future for athletes of all abilities.

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The Inclusive Padel Tour (IPT) started its journey in 2021 when Ossola, post a padel game, envisioned a simple change to make padel inclusive for everyone. Adding just one rebound for players with disabilities transformed Padel into a sport that unites people with and without disabilities, playing and enjoying together.

“Bringing an international edition to Dubai will involve more players, boost visibility, and expand the supportive community of people of determination,” shares Ossola, whose inspiring motto is ‘There’s always more life to live.’

The IPT isn’t just about competition; it’s a global gathering of players from diverse backgrounds. Athletes from countries like Italy, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and more will be part of this sporting extravaganza, embodying the true spirit of inclusivity.

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A day before the festival kicks off, international padel athletes will conduct a clinic with the children of Heroes of Hope, a UAE-based non-profit organization for people of determination. “This collaboration marks a significant step in promoting inclusion and diversity in the world of sports,” exclaims Diego Neves de Almeida, the enthusiastic sports manager at ISD Padel.

It’s not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of sports, inclusion, and the boundless spirit of athletes. Dubai, get ready to witness Padel like never before!

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