Daddy Yankee brings the Swag to the Pro Padel League

November 14, 2023

Daddy Yankee, known for his reggaeton beats and now his killer padel moves, has declared that the Flowrida Goats are about to inject some serious flow into the sport. With a dynamic playing style that promises to change the face of Padel, the team is set to revolutionize the game and bring a fresh vibe to the PPL.

Daddy Yankee with tennis pros Juan Martin del Potro and Tommy Haas at the PPL kick-off last May 2024. Photo courtesy of

Luis Carrero, the man with the plan as the Flowrida Goats’ President, is pumped about their new identity. “We’re bringing unity, passion, and a whole lot of competitive spirit to the court. Get ready to embrace the flow and conquer with us!” he exclaimed, embodying the team’s spirit.

The unveiling wasn’t just about the name; it was also a feast for the eyes as the Flowrida Goats showed off their sleek branding. Picture this: a vibrant color palette, a bold aesthetic, and a dash of swag that perfectly encapsulates the team’s progressive nature. These goats aren’t just good at climbing mountains; they’re ready to conquer the padel court.

“We are honored to have a global icon like Daddy Yankee be a part of the Pro Padel League and for his franchise to unveil their team name and branding for the 2024 season,” commented Commissioner Marcos del Pilar, who is as excited as a kid in a candy store. “We are looking forward to Orlando announcing their players on the Flowrida Goats and the impact the Orlando team will have on the bright future of the PPL and the sport of padel in North America and beyond.”

As the Pro Padel League continues to make waves in North America, the Flowrida Goats are ready to showcase the high-octane thrill of padel, a sport that’s quickly becoming the favorite playground for over 25 million players in 110 countries. With the United States Padel Association aiming to grow the sport to over 10 million players and 30,000 courts by 2029, the Flowrida Goats are on a mission to make padel the next big thing.

So, padel enthusiasts, get ready to witness the fusion of swag and swing as the Flowrida Goats take center stage in the Pro Padel League. It’s not just a game; it’s a revolution, and the Flowrida Goats are leading the charge with Daddy Yankee at the helm. Brace yourselves, because the padel court is about to get a whole lot hotter. 🐐🔥

Read the full press release here.

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