Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ambitious Plan to Establish a Padel Paradise in Portugal

September 25, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo, renowned for his exceptional football career, is now making waves in the world of padel. His latest venture involves the creation of a remarkable 17-court padel complex in Oeiras, Portugal. This ambitious project, referred to as the ‘City of Padel,’ has been awarded to Ronaldo’s company, ‘CR7,’ by the Portuguese Padel Federation. With plans for a state-of-the-art facility near Lisbon, this complex is poised to be a hub for international padel competitions. Ronaldo’s investment in this endeavor is estimated at €5 million (£4.3m/$5.4m).

Ronaldo, a passionate padel enthusiast, is now leveraging his love for the sport to propel it to new heights in Portugal and on the global stage.

Ricardo Oliveira, President of the Portuguese Padel Federation, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, describing it as a dream come true. He believes that Ronaldo’s involvement will enhance Portugal’s standing in the international padel community, cementing the nation’s reputation as a formidable force in the sport.

While Cristiano Ronaldo continues to excel in his football career, he remains committed to his professional duties. As he prepares for an upcoming match in the Saudi Pro League against Al-Raed while playing for Al-Nassr, Ronaldo’s dedication to both football and his expanding business empire is evident. The ‘City of Padel’ represents another exciting chapter in Ronaldo’s illustrious journey. With his unwavering commitment to excellence, Ronaldo is determined to achieve success on and off the field.

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