Connexa Aces Global Distribution Deal for Padel!

October 25, 2023

Starting in 2024, this deal is set to bring in a minimum of $4 million in annual revenue for Connexa, setting the stage for a smashing success story.

Game on! Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. has just scored big in the world of Padel. They’ve inked a multi-year distribution agreement that blankets all global markets for this court sports sensation. Their partner in this venture? Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L., a powerhouse based in Valencia, Spain, with over 20 years of Padel expertise under their belt.

But that’s not all. Connexa isn’t just riding the Padel wave; they’re making waves. They’ve unleashed the Slinger Padel Launcher, a game-changer for Padel players worldwide. This nifty innovation, weighing in at just 19kg / 42lbs, comes packed in a wheeled trolley bag. Easy to transport and incredibly versatile, it’s a dream come true for Padel enthusiasts.

See the Slinger Padel Launcher in action!

What sets it apart? The dual-motor operating system gives players complete control over the ball launch, allowing adjustments for speed, spin, elevation, and frequency. Plus, there’s a Lob accessory that comes with it, perfect for players of all ages and skill levels to practice their smash and bandeja shots. Connexa didn’t stop there; they added a patented Oscillator for side-to-side ball launches and an interchangeable lithium battery that powers the launcher for over 3 hours of gameplay. And the cherry on top? It can charge your phone too!

“Padel is expanding its appeal as a fun and social sport across the globe and is regarded as easier to play than tennis.”

Mike Ballardie, the CEO of Connexa Sports, couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership. “We are delighted to have agreed to a global distribution deal with Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L.,” he said. “Padel is expanding its appeal as a fun and social sport across the globe and is regarded as easier to play than tennis.”

Paco Estevan, President of Desarrollo y Promocion de Padel S.L., echoed the excitement. “We are really excited to have the opportunity to build the global Padel brand for Slinger Bag,” he commented. “What Slinger Bag has achieved in the  market is incredible, and we plan to emulate that in Padel through our close association with the sport and our relationships with Padel facilities, players, and professional athletes worldwide.”

Ready to hit the courts? Dive into the action and learn more about the Slinger Bag Padel Launcher here! Get your game face on, because the future of Padel just got a lot more exciting! 🎾✨

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