Breaking News: The USPA’s Got Some New Playmates!

October 9, 2023

Houston, Texas — The Padel craze is hitting the United States, and it’s not slowing down! The United States Padel Association (USPA), the authoritative voice in the world of Padel in the country, is ecstatic to introduce its new trio of sponsors – Padel Lux, Padel Haus, and VanEck – who are teaming up to support the USPA National Teams. Get ready for a Padel revolution!

Meet the Game-Changers:

Padel Lux: Ever dreamt of playing on a court that feels like it’s been plucked out of a luxury dream? Padel Lux makes dreams come true! They are the pioneers in crafting bespoke luxury Padel courts, blending elegance with top-notch functionality. Whether it’s for commercial spaces or your backyard, they’re turning Padel into an opulent experience. Check out their court magic: Padel Lux

Padel Haus: New York City, say hello to your Padel haven! Padel Haus stands as the trailblazer, introducing the Big Apple to the joy of Padel. Their clubs redefine what it means to play Padel, offering not just a game but an entire experience. With plush amenities and curated programs, they’re transforming Padel into a lifestyle. Dive into the Padel world: Padel Haus

VanEck: From the hustle of New York to the global stage, VanEck knows investments like nobody else. Managing over $80 billion in assets, they’re not just a sponsor; they’re financial wizards with a heart for sports. Their diverse investment offerings cater to investors worldwide, making them the perfect teammate for the USPA. Explore their financial prowess: VanEck

A Game-Changing Partnership:

Martin Sweeney, the President of the USPA, couldn’t contain his excitement: “This partnership with Padel Lux, Padel Haus, and VanEck is a slam dunk for the Padel community. Their support empowers our national teams to shine on the international stage, and together, we’re propelling Padel to new heights in the USA.”

What’s the Buzz About USPA?

The USPA is not just any sports association; it’s a movement. Recognized by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the American Padel Federation (APF), the USPA is steering the Padel revolution in the US. With national teams competing in Pan American and World Championships across all levels, they’re putting the USA on the Padel map.

Get Ready to Swing: Padel is Here to Stay!

Hold onto your rackets, America! Padel is not just a game; it’s a lifestyle, and with sponsors like Padel Lux, Padel Haus, and VanEck, it’s becoming a nationwide phenomenon. So, gear up, practice your swings, and get ready to embrace the Padel fever because the court is calling, and it’s time to play!

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